What do you do when you are bored? I try and help my master bathroom be less ugly? Our new home has a purple and green master bathroom. (BTW, did you know they make a hunter green toilet? They do!!! It’s as ugly as it sounds)
We have so many remodeling projects going on now so the bathroom is a low priority. Doesn’t mean I won’t try and fix it a little. I bought some lilac towels, didn’t help much but …….. So then I grabbed these tile stickers from Tiva Design.
These stickers go on easily. Can handle water dripped on them. Clean easily and haven’t faded.
I gently laid them on different tiles until I had the look I was going for, then pressed them firmly in place. The stickers are 4×4″ vinyl and there are 24 in each pack. I did a double sink backsplash, counter top and a couple on the step of my ridiculously high bathtub. I am pleased with the look. I am really pleased that none of them have lifted at all! I wish Tiva Design made a toilet bowl cover! (Green? REALLY PEOPLE what were you thinking!?!)

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