Baby Placemat 3406 Cars


At last, you can enjoy wonderful moments with your baby without having to worry about the mess.
Happy eating
“Baby Placemat adds color and style to the stark white highchair. I have created colorful and varied designs for a happy and relaxed atmosphere your baby and those around them can enjoy. The original design will catch your baby’s attention and so, eating becomes fun and happy!”
Safety is above all else – your baby is in good hands
Baby Placemat is manufactured in Israel and meets all production standards of the food industry.
Baby Placemat is made of transparent polypropylene, one side smooth and the other side textured. The smooth side is for eating.
Easy to remove and clean
Perfect for babies who splash their food all over the place and eat with their fingers.
Baby Placemat fits right into the tray. Difficult for your baby to move, easy for you to remove.
On the back of Baby Placemat, you will find a special groove which makes it easy to remove.
Wash your baby’s placemat separately with soap and water so that the tray remains clean. Do not place in dishwasher.
Manufactured in Israel with safe, high quality materials.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 38 x 38 cm