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Vinyl Mats


Every house deserves that extra touch of magic that occurs when colours and beautiful textures lighten up the room.
These vinyl mats are made of a special material which is a combination of vinyl and linoleum, what makes them very resilient and adaptable to any kind of floor.
The designs are printed with innovative technology on the vinyl surface of the mat and therefore it is water proof and resistant to abrasion.
The vinyl mat easily fits the floor therefore can be placed in every room whether it is the kitchen or the living room.

Raw material: industrial PVC thickness: 1.5 mm

Vinyl mat available in six sizes:
width: 60 cm, length: 80 cm
width: 60 cm, length: 100 cm  get special price on 
width: 72 cm, length: 120 cm  get special price on 
width: 60 cm, length: 160 cm
width: 60 cm, length: 240 cm
width: 120 cm, length: 192 cm

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